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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  February 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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let's get right to our meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> this afternoon, that's when the winds will shift and the colder air starts moving in. but this morning we'll actually be in for a warm-up. that's in spite of cloudy skies. look at the clouds in this view from the comcast center in center city. the radar view shows that there is some snow moving in central pennsylvania. just some scattered light snow showers. and some of that's falling apart right now. so it's not going to be impressive snowfall. but the temperature plunge later on, that will be impressive. 31 right now ifn philadelphia. northeast philly 32. still 20s around but nobody's terribly cold just yet. by 9:00 33 degrees at lunchtime. 40 degrees. and we'll be watching areas north and west for the first snowflakes that will be riding through during those afternoon wind gusts that will be stronger as the day goes on. we'll go through it hour by hour with future weather when i'm back in ten. right now let's check in with jillian mele. good morning, jillian. >> good morning. i have two good-news updates right now.
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starting off in new jersey gloucester city route 30 was closed at 76 because of a two-vehicle accident. skyforce 10 was headed to the scene. we got word this has been cleared. you shouldn't run into any more problems along route 130. that has been reopened. also i was following an accident on pennsylvania turnpike. the left lane was blocked but i got word a few minutes ago that accident also cleared. right now we're not reporting any accidents on the highways. this is 95 southbound near giraud avenue as drivers head into center city philadelphia. you see that volume just starting to build. a little slow moving. in delaware we're not reporting any big problems there. vai? new from overnight, there are three winners out there for the $564 million powerball jackpot. our reporter is live to tell us who won those winning tickets. monique? >> reporter: if only i knew vai. i can tell you one thing for sure, that the winning powerball
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ticket was not sold in pennsylvania. but there are three new multimillionaires just south of the keystone state. now, take a look at this map. and we're going to break it all down for you. lottery officials tell us one winning ticket was sold in north carolina, one in texas and one in puerto rico. it's the first time a winning ticket has been sold outside of the continental united states. so this powerball continues to make history. but don't fret because there are few local winners. a $2 million winning ticket was bought in pennsylvania. and there's also a $1 million winner in new jersey. and a $1 million winner also in the keystone state. now, we're awaiting word on exactly where those tickets were sold. the jackpot jumped to $500 million and some change because ticket sales were brisk. lottery officials say 4,500 tickets were selling per minute yesterday. and those who purchased tickets are double checking them no doubt, this morning.
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now, the $564 million prize is the fifth highest multistate jackpot ever. here's what we're going to do throughout the morning. we're going to try to talk to some folks who are coming here to check their ticket. and we're also going to tell you how much money the winner will receive if they decide to take it in one lump sum or spread it out over the next 29 years. live for now from winwood, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique. and monique mentioned double checking. here are last night's winning numbers. they are 11 13 25 39 54 and the powerball number is 19. once again, 11 13 25 39 54. and the powerball is 19. 6:03. and we continue to follow breaking news from overseas. russian president vladimir putin says a cease-fire that has been brokered will begin in eastern ukraine at midnight on saturday local time. we just got this video of putin emerging from 15 hours of peace talks in belarus this morning.
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both sides in the fighting have also agreed on a plan to remove the heavy weaponry in the next two weeks. ukraine's president says his country should reclaim control of the border with russia by the end of the year. leaders of france and germany say they will help monitor the cease-fire. we'll continue to bring you updates on this breaking news. new from overnight, fire crews put out a house fire in northeast philadelphia that broke out around 1:00 this morning on princeton avenue. despite initial reports of people being trapped inside, firefighters found no one in the home. the fire marshal is looking for a cause. prosecutors will call more witnesses in the misconduct trial of a gloucester police officer. di bonaventura faces charges. the officer claims moriarty was driving drunk. the case was thrown out in claims that the officer falsified reports. moriarty believes he was targeted by political opponents. and we have new information on the trial of a former music teacher accused of molesting his
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students in chester county. anton foman was scheduled to face trial. prosecutors say he molested six students while teaching at the malvern school of music. his new attorney says his client never agreed to the plea. instead he's ready to take the case to trial. he's accused of abusing several young kids during private piano lessons. in burlington county, police are looking for two men who roughed up and robbed a man inside his home. here's a sketch of the suspect. the home invasion took place sunday night in medford. police say the men went into the victim's through an unlocked door. they duct taped him to a chair, beat him with a metal pipe and demanded money. we're told they got away with cash and stole the man's cadillac. >> that stuff's scary, you know, when it's right here because this type of thing doesn't happen in medford. >> investigators found these two bikes in the woods near the victim's home, and they believe that's how the robbers arrived. police in bucks county are
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trying to solve the mystery of this empty atm. they say somebody found the machine tuesday behind a shopping center on lincoln highway in falls township. police believe the atm was stolen, probably a safe bet. they released these photos hoping to find the business that's missing one. police say they arrested george meriwether last friday. he's charged with robbery, aggravated assault and other crimes. investigators say meriwether was caught on surveillance cameras during several of these robberies. he's accused of hitting hotels near the airport in philadelphia and in delaware county during a three-day crime spree in december. it's 6:06. more police could soon hit the streets in wilmington. a state panel approved a grant to provide money to temporarily pay for increased patrols. the attorney general requested the money. so six officers will get overtime pay to work night patrols, seven days a week in some of wilmington's most dangerous neighborhoods. wilmington's homicide rate
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jumped 53% from 2013 to 2014. there have been seven so far this year. wilmington reassigned nearly 30 officers next month and they're also getting extra officers from newcastle county police. governor tom wolf says his proposal on a tax for natural gas drilling will help boost education in the state. governor wolf kicked off his schools that teach tour in chester county yesterday. nbc 10 was at callan elementary where wolf said his tax proposal could generate $1 billion a year. he said the money would help restore public school funding which was cut under former governor tom corbett. >> we cannot continue to disinvest in our education system. this is our future. for all of us. all of us standing here. everybody in pennsylvania. >> governor wolf said a small portion of the tax revenue would go to areas of the state affected by drilling. sad news at cbs this morning.
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longtime "60 minutes" correspondent bob simon died in a car accident in new york city last night. police say simon was riding in a car that collided with another car and hit some metal poles. simon's career spanned five decades. he covered everything from the vietnam war to a piece that was just aired last week on the film "selma." bob simon was 73 years old. irgesz and and happening today, patco will change its train schedules. after today's morning commute, patco will begin work to upgate electronics and communications on the south side of the ben franklin bridge. riders will see service gaps of up to 26 minutes this afternoon and all day tomorrow. for a link to patco's revised train schedules, use the nbc 10 app or go to now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are here. now it's a waiting game for some scattered snow showers. we're tracking some very light snow showers through pennsylvania. the cold will follow the snow.
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a cold blast happens this afternoon and tonight. and then over the weekend, potentially record cold air moving in. the temperatures will be tumbling. right now, though not all that bad. 27 degrees in allentown. northeast philadelphia is at 32. 32 in millville. this time of year we'd normally see temperatures at this hour in the 20s. so most of the area's a little bit remember with aer. the poconos in the 20s now. we'll see scattered light snow showers this morning. the rest of the area will have to wait until this afternoon to see a nonaccumulating snow. you can see the snow showers off to the north and west. they're already starting to fall apart as they move across some of those taller hills. and they'll be moving into our area this afternoon. blowing through. so don't be surprised if you see snowflakes. but behind that snow is the cold that's going to take us into tomorrow. the future windchill showing at noontime, the temperature will be right around 40 degrees. but it will feel like 434 with that breeze blowing. watch what.
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has as the wind kicks in. windchills tumble by 6:00 this evening, it will feel like it's in the teens, pottstown and then really plummeting late tonight. it will feel like zero in pottstown. 40 degrees below zero for allentown and reading and doylestown, you'll feel like you're three below at that hour too. and it will go colder overnight tonight. stand by for very cold air that's going to be around this weekend, too. saturday, a chance of some light snow accumulating on saturday. and then it's just a blast of cold air for sunday with a high of 18 degrees. got the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten to show you how long that cold sticks around. 6:10 this thursday morning. there have been problems earlier this morning, but they've mostly been rectified with jillian's last report. >> let's get an update with jillian mele. >> an accident on route 130, plus on the pennsylvania turnpike. both have since cleared. this is a live look at the blue route southbound near the mid-county toll plaza. both directions you can see we
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have drivers out there but not reporting any significant delays. drive times will take you about 17, 18 minutes right now. route 100 southbound from route 130 to route 113 to route 30 will take you about five minutes. four minutes eastbound from 340 do route 113. we're not seeing that normal volume building out here just yet. it's starting to get a little congested. 202 north bound from route 29 to 76 will take you about seven minutes. if you're taking mass transit, everything's on or close to schedule. vai? >> thank you, jillian. a mysterious illness takes down dozens of students. >> the rush to figure out what's making so many students sick. and a korean air flight was forced to change its route because of nut rage. really, that really happened and now the woman who went nuts over macadamias, find out what it's going to cost her.
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it's 6:15. here's a live look of snow. baseball season can't come soon enough. this is boston. a live look inside fenway park there getting set for a reporter to arrive. a report from there. this is video of it. take a look. they got even more snow overnight. you know boston has been pounded by several feet of snow in the past few weeks. and bill says they'll get even more come sunday. up berhine forcements are on the pay. penndot sending snow removal help. emergency crews and equipment will leave later this morning from the penndot stockyard in bucks county. they're heading there to help out crews there with plows, dump trucks backhoes to help remove that record snow in massachusetts. new this morning, a former korean air executive will spend a year in prison for pretty much just having a tantrum on a plane. the woman achieved worldwide
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notoriety, remember this after she forced a plane to return to its gate at new york's jfk last december. she was upset because she was served macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a dish. a court found her guilty of forcing a flight to change its route. happening today, bucks county officials will use public transportation in the campaign to help prevent suicides. septa and county leaders will unveil suicide prevention hotline signs at langhorne regional rail station this morning. statistics show 50% of deaths on septa rail system each year are suicides. septa began posting the signs at stations in september. a philadelphia community came together to voice its frustrations with police. >> we know where you live so it's on. >> now, the goal of the town hall meeting last night to improve relations in the community. there were several heated exchanges. one generated by the mother of brandon tate-brown.
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>> you've been trying hard to show a different side. he was posed as a thug. >> i believe we are in a good place, and we've done a lot of positive things and we're doing a lot of positive things in the community. >> now, police shot and killed brandon tate-brown last december after police say he reached for his gun. the officers involved are on administrative leave pending the outcome of that investigation. officials at a college in the poconos are trying to figure out what caused dozens of students to become sick. at least 42 students at east stroudsburg university came down with a stomach virus. the school doesn't think this has anything to do with the dining service on campus there, but workers did disinfect the dining hall last night. >> we're doing everything we can to minimize the spread, so we'll be doing extra sanitizing in some of those spaces where people are more in close
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quarters like the dining service, like in our residence halls. >> the university is now coordinating its efforts with the pennsylvania department of health. 6:18 as you're getting ready to leave, head out the door let's check the roads. >> here's jill january mealian mele. >> the vine street expressway we are seeing that normal building volume out there on the westbound side. as you can see right now, slowing down as drivers approach 76. eastbound is looking okay. that's typically a delay we see later in the day and afternoon. but for right now westbound just starting to get a little sluggish as drivers approach 76. 76 is also slowing down in the normal spots right now. if you're waking up in new jersey some of your drive times, pretty good. 42 northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge that will take you about five minutes right thousand. no now. southbound 295 to route 168 will take you about 13 minutes. no accidents or delays to report on the new jersey turnpike right now. if you're taking any of the area bridges, they are all clear.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are in place. they're going to stay with us through the day. this afternoon, we'll likely see a few snowflakes falling out of the sky. but this morning should be dry. and it will be getting warmer. right now 31 degrees in philadelphia. we'll climb to around 40 by lunchtime. the poconos this morning, you'll see scattered light snow but just a dusting. they're already making some snow at camelback, a live view there. 27 at doylestown right now. pottstown is 29. you can see some 20s for new jersey wrightstown and toms river. it's 31 in wilmington. and in chester county it's down to 28 degrees and westchester. downingtown is 28. and phoenixville is at 30 degrees right now. so it's cold but not brutally cold. this morning, that will look warm compared to what we'll be dealing with tomorrow morning. the temperatures will be plummeting overnight tonight. clouds are already here. looking at a cloudy day. behind these clouds there is
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some light snow that's moving through central pennsylvania williamsport seeing snowflakes. a few flurries to the north of allentown. most of the day it's going to be dry. and we will see some light snow but i'm not expecting accumulation. and there's why. the temperatures will be climbing into the upper 30s to around 40. just be too warm for accumulation accumulation. and it's very light scattered snow showers during the day today. then after the snow the wind kicking in. and gusting to 25 miles an hour. that's this afternoon and this evening. and that's cold air riding in on that wind. by tomorrow morning, 12 degrees to start with. 22 degrees in the afternoon. a bitter cold friday. a little warmer for valentine's day, but there's a chance of some light snow saturday. a high of 34 degrees followed by the coldest air of the season. nine on sunday morning. 18 the high sunday afternoon. and frigid winds will be blowing during the day. that will lead to near record cold monday morning. the record is two degrees from
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1888. 23 degrees monday afternoon. then we'll be watching for a chance of rain and snow tuesday and wednesday. this morning, the suspect accused of killing three muslims in north carolina made his first court appearance and now there are questions about the motive in this case. was this a hate crime or a parking dispute? (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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new this morning, plans are on the board for new bike lanes along atlantic avenue in atlantic city. last night city officials took a look at plans for a makeover of atlantic avenue. the proposal also calls for new sidewalks, l.e.d. streetlights and more visible crosswalks. state transportation money could -- will pay for the project. if approved the project could be completed by the end of this year. independence blue cross has signed on to be the sponsor of philadelphia's bike share system.
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mayor nutter made that announcement yesterday with blue bikes. he says independence blue cross will contribute $1.7 million to that program. the bike share system is scheduled to start later this year. good morning. i'm jillian mele. if you're waking up in delaware we're not reporting any serious accidents there. 95 starting to get a little bit slow northbound as drivers make their way through wilmington. drive times about average. 10 to 11 minutes on 95 between 295 and 495. let's head outside right now to a live look in center city philadelphia, where it's a bit warmer this morning. it's not going to stay that way, right? >> we will see a warm-up this morning and then it gets really cold this afternoon. the flags are blowing. it's a southwesterly wind to start with but the wind shifts during the day. so temperatures will plummet later on. right now 31 in philadelphia international. 6:25. and happening today, a change is on the way that could help tens of thousands of workers in philadelphia. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in
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center city to explain the measure on the table. >> reporter: a lot of those workers do not get paid sick time off, but that could all change with a vote and then the stroke of a pen. i'll explain coming up.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> just about 6:30. and three winning powerball tickets. no one hit in our area, but wait. don't throw away those tickets just yet. you may still be a new millionaire. >> yeah, which wouldn't be bad. paid sick leave after years of waiting, there's a renewed push and it looks like it will pass in the city of philadelphia. just ahead, what the new law will mean for employers and employees. and waiting for snow this morning. we're tracking snow and bitter-cold temperatures headed this way. we'll tell you when it could hit your neighborhood. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today.
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i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill? >> clouds right now and just waiting to see the first snowflakes of the day. looks like we'll have to wait until this afternoon. cape may will likely be snow free, but the clouds are overhead. that's a live look at beach avenue. right now it's north and west. you're seeing a few snowflakes, central pennsylvania. this is just scattered, very light snow shower activity that will be arriving here this afternoon. 31 right now in philadelphia. it's 28 in trenton. wilmington is 31. not terribly cold for this time of year. and we will see the temperatures warm before any snow arrives. 40 at lunchtime. then scattered snow showers are possible this afternoon. i don't expect to see accumulation with temperatures above freezing. but that will change this evening. the freezing part. the snow will be gone by then. we'll go through it hour by hour with future weather when i'm back in ten. right now let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning, bill.
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to you at home as well. if you're traveling 422, we're starting to see brake lights eastbound. it's still moving down to route 23, very normal delay on 42 #.2. 76 eastbound near the curve, that volume continuing to build. from the blue route to the vine 16 minutes now. 13 minutes on the westbound side. westbound starting to get heavy near city avenue. something we see at this time every morning. if you're taking mass transit, we're not reporting any serious delays. everything is on or close to schedule. tracy? new from overnight, the suspense is over. there are three winning powerball jackpot tickets. and the big prize is the fifth largest jackpot in u.s. lottery history. >> we've got a huge jackpot for you. it is worth an estimated $564.1 million. >> oh and so many people wanted to win that. so many people tried. last night's drawing set off a ticket-scanning frenzy across
6:32 am
most of america. now, stores in texas, north carolina and puerto rico each sold a winning ticket that matched all six numbers. also, several tickets with smaller payouts were sold. so if you didn't win the jackpot, you may have won something. so get your tickets. here are the winning numbers. 11, 13 25 39 54 and the powerball, 19. we're going to leave this on your screen. >> oh my gosh! i'm just kidding. just kidding. >> 11 13 25 39 54 powerball, 19. please do let us know if you won because a ticket worth $2 million was sold in pennsylvania. and a $1 million ticket was sold in pennsylvania and a $1 million ticket was sold in new jersey. as soon as we find out more specifically where, we'll let you know. and happening today, philadelphia lawmakers are expected to approve mandatory paid sick days. this isn't just for city employees. this is for almost everyone who works in the city. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at city hall. jesse, is there any doubt that the bill before city council has
6:33 am
the votes to pass? >> reporter: no doubt, really vai. the last time the supporters of bill were in this position the mayor vetoed it but now mayor nutter is planning a signing ceremony inside city hall this afternoon. use of tenacity by councilman at large bill greenlee have finally paid off. his bill that would be voted on today makes paid sick time mandatory for an estimated 180,000 people working in the city of philadelphia. workers would earn one hour of paid sick time for every 40 hours on the job for a total of five days per year. the greater philadelphia chamber of commerce has expressed concern the bill creates, in effect another business tax and a competitive disadvantage. >> we're seen as one of the highest locally taxed cities in the country. we think we can do better. >> i just don't think that the fears are reality. i think it's the fear of change. i understand that. >> reporter: bill greenlee says the smoking ban dant change. once the mayor signs the
6:34 am
ordinance, it will go into effect in 60 days. the chamber hopes for continued reductions in the city wage tax will offset some of the increased business costs that they are seeing. we're live outside philadelphia city hall this morning, jesse gary. 6:34. we're learning more about the criminal history of the man accused of attacking a woman at a center city septa station. police gave us this picture of officers arresting reginald green. they've arrested him at least ten other times including charges for indecent exposure and shoplifting. this time he's charged with attempted rape, robbery and assault. now, investigators say the surveillance video from the jefferson septa station at tenth & market was the key to catching him. he's accused of sexual assaulting and attacking a woman at the station on monday. and happening today in delaware wilmington will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the new market street village apartments. dozens of new units will be housed in three historic
6:35 am
buildings. the local developer in charge of this project says the time is right to introduce these homes to the booming market street corridor. new jersey governor chris christie is headed to chicago. many believe he is continuing to build support for a potential run at the white house. christie will attend two roundtable meetings and will be a keynote speaker at a republican event tonight. christie's backers have launched a pac that will allow him to raise money and travel. now first alert weather with bill henley. >> clouds are here and i'm tracking very light snowfall. we'll see scattered snow showers this afternoon, but i'm not expecting them to stick as the temperatures will just be too warm. but that changes later today. the cold blast that we're in for will cause temperatures to plummet. by tomorrow morning, single digits and teens to start with. and then potentially record cold air will move in over the weekend. moving out right now, not that bad. 31 degrees in reading and philadelphia, cape may, 32 degrees. everybody will be seeing clouds. and the first snowflakes will
6:36 am
likely be falling on the poconos this morning. the rest of the area likely have to wait until this afternoon. just a dusting possible in the mountains as it will be cold enough there for a little bit of accumulation. but these snow showers are starting to fall apart already. and they're not even here. it's what's behind these snow showers that everybody will be affected by. that's the cold. and the wind will be shifting during the day. you'll see at 1:00 this afternoon, we'll have winds of 11 12 miles an hour. and then they increase this afternoon as the cold air plummets into the area. the temperatures will be plunging. by tomorrow morning, we will be frigid. this afternoon though early this afternoon, we'll see upper 30s and low 40s. scattered light snow showers. again, i'm not expecting them to stick. the cold air will be reinforced over the weekend. saturday we'll get a break after a cold morning up to 34 degrees. it looks like a little light snow. an inch or two is possible on saturday. then bitter cold winds blowing on sunday. a high of 18 degrees after we
6:37 am
start the day in the single digits sunday. and then monday will be even colder. i'll go through it with the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. 6:37. time to get a check on the majors. >> usually volume starts to build around now. let's get an update with traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning. starting in delaware 495 looking good at 12th street. 95 in delaware is clear of any accidents. headed to the lehigh valley, traveling route 22, we're starting to see a little volume in the normal spots. 78 looks good. no accidents to report there. northeast extension is also free of any big incidents. and your drive times on the northeast extension are pretty average right now. between quakertown and mid-county interchange, can you see it's 21 to 22 minutes. average speed on the southbound side, 67 miles per hour. northbound side average speed is 63 miles per hour. so the northeast extension is looking good right now. if you're waking up in new jersey, we're not reporting any accidents on the majors there. and no accidents on the area bridges. vai? >> thank you jillian.
6:38 am
happening today, officials in chester county will hold a grand opening for a pet food pantry called henry's cupboard. a state senator is behind the campaign which is named after his poodle that you see there. that poodle died in december. the pantry is aimed at helping low-income pet owners who might have a hard time coming up with money to care for their animals. today's grand opening will be held at the chester county spca in westchester. "50 shades of grey" goes to the classroom. next, what has some parents heated about their middle schoolers' assignment. and this south jersey house is at the center of controversy, but it's not the house that's the problem. neighbors have a serious issue with who's moving in. and we've seen car chases before but this one just might be the craziest. this chase ends with dramatic twist. it has cops saying thank you.
6:39 am
narrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
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a carjacking suspect picked the wrong van to hit during a high-speed chase in dallas. police chased the white car which then crashed into two vehicles. in the minivan, a woman gets out, runs up to the suspect's car and she hits him. then she and her boyfriend dragged him around until police got there. police thanked the couple for helping to dri thebring the chase to an end. dozens came out to a neighborhood meeting in camden county last night to protest plans for a group home. up to eight people could be living in this halfway house at any given time. rutgers health will operate the program. resident many neighbors are worried about safety. >> we don't know what we're dealing with. we're not privy to that information, so we have to assume the worst. >> these are our children.
6:43 am
i mean, they are our children. they could be your child, my child, anyone's child. >> but neighborhood leaders say rutgers originally told them the new neighbors would be visiting professors who were working at rutgers university. rutgers health says quote, the state has deemed all of the new tenants fully appropriate to live in the community." and they will be supervised 24/7. yesterday firefighters rescued a family after an excavator hit their house and trapped them inside the home. the city tells us a company was demolishing the home next door when the heavy machinery accidentally hit their wall. >> and he hit the side of the home, the front of the home started to buckle out, the roof started to fall. he then put the bulldozer to the front of the home to try to push the bricks back. >> the city tells us all repairs to the damaged home will be completed by tonight. and now to lancaster county where vandals have hit these signs about gun ownership. the signs recently went up in conoy township just outside
6:44 am
harrisburg. the messages read "welcome to conoy township." this is not a gun-free zone. but someone spray-painted over 4 of the 12 signs. they even changed one of them to say "this is a gun-free zone." one resident who supports the signs decided to clean them up. >> just so many other ways to get your opinion out there, and that's just not one of them. it lets the public know that we're not going to tolerate any kind of violence or anything like that here. >> police hope surveillance video will lead them to the man or woman behind the spray-paint. philadelphia's taney dragons are weighing in on that scandal that stripped the little league world series championship away from the chicago team. the jackie robinson west team they are no longer the u.s. champs now. officials say that team used players who live outside its geographic boundaries. the dragons released a statement saying the chicago players were great competitors on the field and gentlemen off the field. the trial of a former marine accused of killing american sniper chris kyle is under way in texas. kyle's widow fought back tears as she took the stand on the
6:45 am
opening day of testimony. prosecutors say eddie ray routh killed kyle and his friend chad littlefield, at a gun range two years ago. yesterday defense attorneys showed a text kyle sent to littlefield shortly before they died. talking about routh, kyle texted, quote, this dude is straight-up nuts. defense lawyers are trying to show routh is not guilty by reason of insanity. and last night, the university of north carolina held a candlelight vinlgil for three muslim students murdered inside their condo. suspected gunman craig hicks was given a public defender in court. hicks' wife who was seeking a divorce said religion played no part in the killings. her lawyers said hicks was angry over the victim's parking habits at their condo. it's a quarter to 7:00. president obama has asked congress to formally authorize the use of military force against isis. the proposed authorization would be limited to three years and would allow the u.s. to take the fight to wherever isis goes. but it does not call for ground
6:46 am
combat. a senate panel will hold hearings at the end of this month, and a vote could come in march. also in washington the house passed and sent to the president a bill to construct the controversial keystone xl oil pipeline. he has told us what he is going to do with that. the house passed a bill to build that controversial oil pipeline which would connect canada with gulf coast oil refineries. president obama has threatened to veto the bill amid concerns it could raise emissions linked to global warming. it doesn't appear the house or senate has enough votes to override that veto. happening today, we'll find out if the senate confirms the president's nominee for secretary of defense. earlier this week the senate armed services committee voted unanimously to advance ashton carter's nomination. the full senate will vote on it this afternoon. carter would replace outgoing defense secretary chuck hagel. an italian court has found the captain of the costa concordia guilty of the manslaughter death of 32 people. the captain abandoned the cruise ship while passengers and crew were still on board after the ship capsized in 2012. the court sentenced him to 16 years in prison. and this morning, there are
6:47 am
new concerns in the measles outbreak in california. officials have now issued a warning to commuters after a person with measles has apparently been riding on a bay area rapid transit or b.a.r.t., officials believe that person also at at a popular san francisco restaurant and may have exposed his coworkers at linkedin. experts are now trying to trace that person's movements and alert anyone who had contact with him. this story has so many people talking. parents of some pennsylvania middle school students are not happy about an assignment that was based on the book "50 shades of grayey." teachers gave students a word search puzzle that contained suggestive words from the very adult book which as you know is now a movie. this is what the puzzle looks like. the words, though, have been blurred out. >> mr. grey, your next meeting. >> counsel, please, we're not finished here. >> this is a clip from the new movie. steamy. the puzzle contained words like "spanking, submissive and bondage." school officials say they don't
6:48 am
know how many games were given out to the middle schoolers. the book map a top seller for several years, as you know it's about an erotic romance featuring explicit scenes about bondage and submission. >> yeah we were reading "hardy boys" and "nancy drew." >> "nancy drew." >> you know what i mean? >> we say good morning to matt lauer and savannah guthrie. hey, guys. >> you've heard about this movie. do you know in france do you know how old you have to be to see that movie? >> they're saying young, right? you can see it when you're young. >> 12. >> 12. crazy. >> that's nuts! >> i know. >> they do things a little differently in france. good morning to you. straight ahead on the show this morning, the tributes are pouring in for award-winning journalist bob simon after he was killed in a tragic car accident overnight. also ahead, what would you do if you saw someone else disciplining your misbehaving child? we'll talk to uma thurman about the thought-provoking premise of her new show.
6:49 am
it's called "the slap." and her headline-making appearance at its premiere. plus we will be livin' la vida loca when ricky martin stops by for a live performance. it's all when we get started on a thursday morning here on "toad "today." back to you. >> can't wait to hear ricky. see you in ten minutes. >> you got it. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a live look outside. we've got clouds but no snow just yet. a little light snow is possible this afternoon. 31 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's not as cold as it normally is this time of year. we should be in the upper 20s. cloudy skies, a little bit of a gentle breeze. that changes this afternoon. very cold air will be blowing in with gusty winds this afternoon. clouds are already here and they are producing some snowflakes north and west. very light snow. it's starting to fall apart in central pennsylvania.
6:50 am
a few flurries in the reading and allentown area and farther to the north. the best chance of accumulation is going to be in the poconos this afternoon. during the afternoon, by 3:00 could see a half to an inch and a half on the ground. some of the higher elevations could wind up with two inches in the poconos. but the rest of the area, little to no accumulation as the temperatures during the day are going to be on the warm side. doylestown could see a trace of snow. the rest of the area might see a few snowflakes but it's the cold that's going to be the big deal. and that you'll really feel later this afternoon. and tonight. 8:00 this evening, the windchill, ten degrees in pottstown. will feel like 13 in wilmington. and by 11:00 p.m., zero is what it will feel like in northeast philadelphia. and temperatures continue to plunge overnight. so during the afternoon, some scattered light snow showers in most areas we'll see no accumulation. the temperatures will climb to near 40 before those snow showers move in. then the winds kick in and then here comes the cold for tomorrow
6:51 am
morning. a bitter cold friday. 12 in the morning. 22 in the afternoon. not as cold on saturday. but we'll get snow. an inch or two is possible saturday with a high of 34. followed by frigid winds sunday. the coldest air of the season. 9:00 in the morning, 18 in the afternoon. and potentially record-breaking cold on monday morning. three degrees is the forecast. two is the record. we'll be very close to that. then a chance of some rain and snow starting tuesday and into wednesday. >> now there's a valentine's weekend to snuggle. snow and near zero temperatures. >> by the way, where are your hands? >> right here. >> let's go over to jillian. trying to get our hands warm. >> that's a record i don't think we need to break. good morning, guys. we have a lot of volume out there. we're used to on the majors center city 95 southbound heavy as drivers make their way
6:52 am
into center city. southbound will take you about 27 minutes right now. 13 minutes between those two points on the northbound side of 95. heading out to chester county we have some volume here. this is the route 30 bypass. that's eastbound right near route 340. heavy from 340 down to route 113. 76 slow near the curve and westbound slowing down. eastbound near montgomery drive. no reports of accidents. mass transit is on or close to schedule. eight minutes before 7:00. students in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood got a history lesson from a living legend. one of the tuskegee airmen spoke yesterday. dr. eugene richardson talked about desegregation in the military. he was there when president harry truman ended racial segregation in the military. ultimately opening up a world of opportunity for african-american men. >> and as a result black men were able to go off on different
6:53 am
assignments matched with their skills and their abilities and their desires. >> during world war ii the airmen were the first african-american servicemen to serve as military aviators in the u.s. armed forces. i'm jesse gary live outside philadelphia city hall. a little history could be made inside this building later today when the council votes on something that could affect tens of thousands of people working in the city. we'll talk about that coming up after the break. >> reporter: i'm nbc's monique braxton live in winwood with folks who are checking their powerball ticket numbers to see if they won the big jackpot. we'll show you that after the break. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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i'm jesse gary live outside
6:57 am
philadelphia city hall. in just a couple of hours, council could pass a bill making paid sick time off mandatory for everyone working in this city. councilman-at-large bill greenlee sponsored the bill which would affect upwards of 180,000 people. workers, many of whom in the restaurant industry would earn up to five paid days annually. the chamber of commerce expressed concerns it would create a competitive disadvantage for businesses. greenlee says he has the votes and the mayor's support. if this bill is passed and signed by the mayor, it would go into effect in 60 days. live outside philadelphia city hall jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> reporter: i'm nbc 10's monique braxton live in winwood where in the past hour we've been watching people stop here for their morning coffee as well as to check the numbers on their own powerball ticket. unfortunately, the winning ticket was not sold here in pennsylvania or delaware or new jersey. now, check out our video of people scanning their numbers to see if they were lucky.
6:58 am
some told us they play often. one guy said he's also part of an office group vying for $564 million. lottery officials tell us one winning ticket was sold in north carolina, one in texas and one in puerto rico. it's the first time a winning ticket has been sold outside the continental united states. if they take a lump sum, the winners split an estimated 381 mil or spread is it out over 29 years. now, a few local winners include $2 million with a ticket bought in pennsylvania and $1 million winners in both new jersey and pennsylvania. we're awaiting word on where those tickets were sold. as soon as we have the location of where those winning tickets were sold, you'll know it. live for now from winwood, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> looks like i need to meet lucky friends in other states this morning. this is fox street. traffic moving along in both directions. it gets a little congested as drivers head southbound making their way to 76.
6:59 am
normal volume on 76 95 blue route. turnpike looking decent. 22 to 23 minutes both ways between ben salem and valley forge. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> clouds are here now. it's a waiting game to see some snowflakes. we'll see some scattered light snow showers during the day today. but i'm not really expecting to see accumulation as the temperatures will be warming up before they get here. right now that light snow is already starting to fall apart in central pennsylvania. the poconos more likely to see a little accumulation especially at the higher elevations. an inch or two possible. 26 in mt. pocono. 32 in northeast philadelphia. that cold overnight thanks to the clouds that will be staying with us during the day today. 40 at lunchtime. that's when we'll see scattered snow showers blowing through north and west. temperatures starting to come down at 3:00. they'll plummet tonight. by tomorrow morning, 12 degrees to start your day tomorrow. >> oh boy.
7:00 am
the "today" show is up next. we'll see you for local updates in 25 minutes. >> you can always get information on the nbc 10 news app. thanks for watching. good morning, legendary loss, bob simon, a long-time "60 minutes" correspondent and powerful journalist this morning the tributes pouring in the investigation into the crash. breaking overnight, president vladimir putin agrees to a cease-fire will the cease-fire stick? part of the case chris kyle's widow breaks down on the stand describing the last time she saw her husband alive as a text from the american sniper himself, calming his killer nuts is used by the defense to try to prove insanity. and big winner


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